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Wien, looking out of the window. A cup of coffee in my hands, a bar of Swiss chocolate on my knee. Enjoying the view. Listening to Wien Philharmonie. 
Across the room, there is a man, reading a book named ‘Dream’.
I catch a glimpse of him. So does he. 
I smile, he puts the book on the couch. Slowly getting up, touching his hair. Fake coughing. He looks at me in the eye. Big wet brown. He wants something, I can feel it. 
'I'm gonna kiss you.' he says. 
'You sure ?' I ask.
He smiles, quickly comes towards me.
Grabbing my face with both hands, eyes on eyes.
He closes his, biting his lower lip. 
'Absolutely' he says.
Then it feels like infinity. 

rOn rOn rOn… MacarOn

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london rain [original]

a group of women stand underneath umbrellas in the london rain, 1928. © general photographic agency/ getty images

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And then, he’s gone.

London, England